Our friend Nico Vreugdenhil is a dutch rodbuilder from a small town called Brielle, who learned to fly fish from his grandfather at the age of five. When he was 26 years old he started fly fishing and was immediately all excited about this wonderful sport. This excitement soon let him build his own flyrods. After he had built his first rods for friends, Nico decided to start professional rodbuilding. 

Inspired by many trips to Asia and a growing enthusiasm for the asian aesthetics, simplicity and beauty of things, Nico decided to name his business: "Yamame". The Yamame is a salmon species native to Japan, that is also known as masu- or cherry salmon (look at the logo above).

The aesthetic design of Nico´s rods also derives from his carreer in the fashion design industry that lasts for 25 years now.

When building his rods, Nico enjoys to be able to live out his personal preference for handmade, beautiful things. Nico only uses the best blanks and the best equipment available in the world to build his rods. If he is not satisfied with the quality that is available he even makes it on his own. The biggest part of his rods are made of fiberglass but lately he has also made some split cane rods.


For us Nico builds "The Pure", a fiberglass rod that we want to present to you in the following.

Custom tailored rods of Nico are of course always possible. Just contact us via the contact form or via e-mail to discuss your wishes.


The Pure

With "The Pure", Nico has created a "pure" piece of art in terms of craftmanship, aesthetics and choice of materials.

However  "The Pure" is not only a piece of art but also a "pure" delight to cast.

The used blank colour is a translucent tobacco with an orange glow. This colour was custom made especially for "The Pure". Nico designed the E-Glass blank himself, after building rods on many named blank manufacturers.

The offered rod is a 7´ , 4 piece. The line class is #3/4.


Each used material is hand picked or hand made by Nico.


He uses:
- Joe Arguello stripping guides
- Original Snake Brand guides
- blued nickel silver slide rings and butt
- Kimono silk threads
- hand selected flor grade quality cork from Portugal
-reel seat hardware, hand turned in house
Recommended fly line: 406 DT
"The Pure" corresponds with our Approach fly reels.
Each Yamame rod comes in an aluminium tube and in a handmade rod sock.
The rod can be customized according to your own wishes. To do that please contact us here.
Please note that Nico is doing every work step by hand. Therefore a delivery time of up to 4 months is realistic.
Down below we offer you a set of the Yamame "The Pure" together with a Approach Genesis reel and a 406 fly line!

585,00 €

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