England is the birthplace of flyfishing as a sport and Turrall Co. Ltd. is its longest established company of flydressers that ties well catching, beautiful flies for every trout bum. The quality of Turrall flies starts with the used materials, extra strong carbon steel hooks, extra strong polyester threads and selected Metz hackles guarantee the finest quality fishing flies.

Start fishing successfully with Turrell flies!

Turrall fly set in wooden box "classic"

set "classic dry flies":

With this selection we offer you  32 dry flies in the sizes 12-18 in our fly box "classic". They represent a balanced choice of essential flies to match most hatches throughout the season.


set "mayfly":

With this selection we offer you 24 classical mayflies in the sizes 10-12 in our fly box "classic". Together with 16 dry flies this set also contains 6 mayfly nymphs and 2 wetflies.


set "caddis & sedges":

With this selection we offer you 32 classical caddis and sedges in the sizes 12-16 in our fly box "classic". Above all the contained Elk Hair patterns perfectly float in faster flowing water because they swim perfectly.




-length: 13,5 cm

-width: 10,8 cm

-height: 3 cm

-weight: approx. 140 g

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Turrall fly sets

fly set "Klinkhammer":

Invented by Hans Van Klinken, a dutch angler, to catch trout and grayling, this pattern has become one of the most widely used ones on both rivers and stillwaters. The curved Klinkhammer hook perfectly imitates an emerging insect. In this set you will find all the colours needed to imitate most of the naturals.


fly set "CDC dry flies":

Cul de canard feathers are taken from the back of a duck and are extremely buoyant due to the oil produced by the preen gland. These delicate feathers bring life to the fly like no other material.


fly set "mayflies":

Mayfly hatches produce without any doubt the most exciting fishing in a flyfisher´s calendar. Trout seem to go on a feeding frenzy and will take all these patterns at certain times. Use the "French Partridge" and the "Golden May" as emergers ath the start of a hatch and then the "Drakes" and " Wulffs" followed by the "Spent Gnat" later during the day.


fly set "caddis & sedges":

Caddis and sedges are a "staple diet" for river and stillwater trout. When the light begins to fade on a summer evening the sedges start to hatch and this can lead to the most exciting fishing. Both caddis and sedges can either be fished static or pulled across the surface to induce a take.


fly set "buzzers & bloodworms":

These filigree, sparse fly patterns are above all used in stillwaters for delicate fish. When you already tried out the whole fly box, these minimalistic flies will often catch the biggest trout.

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