Otter net "Bigwood"

Our Otter nets are made of the finest woods by Kurt Noetzold a bowmaker from Idaho/USA.

Each net is absolutely unique and a piece of art.

The shown Bigwood net has for example a grip of mango, a hoop of walnut and accent laminations of yew, walnut and maple.

The wooden hoop of the net is covered with six covers of marine grade finish to make sure that your net lasts for a long time.

Incorporated in the hoop of the net is a small round rare earth magnet on which a magnet attached to a leather strap fits perfectly. This magnet keeps your net safely attached to your fly vest.


length: approx. 54 cm

width: approx. 24 cm

grip length: approx. 16 cm

net depth: approx. 30 cm

168,00 €

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